Tubis Technology

Game Changing Mobile Wireless Technology


Developing the world's first Ka-Band, Full Duplex, Switchable Polarization antenna.

Antenna Technology

Adaptive, Electronically steerable, Phased-Array Antenna System Development

Our products enable a new affordable market entry point for Ka-band antenna applications

Semiconductor Technology

Our innovation begins with patent pending integrated circuit solutions for a variety of challenging applications

Employment of state-of-art CMOS and GaAs process results in a highly integrated, low cost RFIC design like no other.

Packing Technology

More function, less space. Efficient packing allows us to fit complex devices in space-saving packages

Low profile, high performance, and system in package (SiP) BGA modules consist of embedded antennas and flip-chip to attach silicon dies to low temperature co-fired cermain (LTCC), PCB, and other high frequency substrates.

About Us

Learn about our culture and team.

Based in Pasadena, California, Tubis Technologies' privately and internally funded company was established to target high growth areas related to the cmWave and mmWave phased array, beam forming products, and systems. On site are our design and test laboratories for Ka band active phase-array antennas run by our experienced design team.

Management Team

Chris Tubis, CEO
30+ years of semiconductor industry experience
Former President of Ultra RF, Senior Vice President National Semiconductor Wireless, Director of RTX Denmark, Director of Chinese and UK Wireless companies
Founder and CEO of TCC LLC
James Wang, CTO
25+ years of experience in the telecommunications and semiconductor industry
Former CTO of Motia, Eigent Technologies, Amped Wireless, Fastrack Information, Assistance VP of LinCom
Vice Chair of WiFi Alliance 60GHz Technical Task Group
2013 IEEE 802.11ad Technical Award Recipient
Robert Blair, VP of Business Development
30+ years of experience in the semiconductor industry
Experience includes Fairchild, LSI Logic VP business development


It's more than a job, its an exploration into uncharted territory. Put yourself at the front edge of groundbreaking, powerful technology.

  • Senior RFIC Designer
    Master degree Or Ph. D with 5+ year of experience
    Skill Sets:
    Experienced with simulation, modeling, and design of CMOS RF/microwave circuits and EM Modeling of passive structure. Active design includes input and output matching, stability, loading pulling, bias generation, current mirroring, of amplifier, mixer, VCO, PLL, OP amp, and ESD. Passive design includes combiner, hybrid, via transition, flip chip transition, transition lines, and cross coupling. Familiar with foundry design kits and semiconductor processes. Experienced with lab testing and characterization of passive/active components, probe station, and systems. Familiar with analog and mixed signal circuits, digital design, flip chip bumps, and high frequency substrate such as Rogers and LTCC.
    CAD tools:
    Cadence Spectre RF, Virtuoso, Calibre, ADS, Sonnet, and HFSS
    Job Description:
    Perform CMOS RFIC design and layout for various circuits in Ka-band, involving in system integration and tape outs. Perform work on circuit performance specifications, tolerance and production yield analysis. Perform lab characterization and verification of circuit performance using probe station. Works with PCB designer on system integration and test engineer to conduct testing of circuits.
  • Senior System Engineer
    Master degree or Ph.D. with at least 5 years of relevant work experience in RF or mm-Wave communication systems.
    Skill Sets:
    Experience in RF or mm-wave communications system specifications, testing, and verifications, firmware development and implementation is a must. Embedded Firmware programming and C Language Development for microcontroller. Understanding of advanced modulation and coding schemes and protocols and antenna beam forming techniques and practices will be a plus. Experience with current state of the art component and hardware development and system implementations for communications systems. Work Experience in a multi-functional collaborative team environment. Track record of System design accomplishments
    CAD tools:
    Matlab, Embedded C programming
    Job Description:
    End-to-end system analysis, system budget, system and software specifications, firmware development, interface control, system integration
  • Senior Microwave Engineer
    Master's degree with at least 5 years of relevant work experience
    Skill Sets:
    Experience with microwave PCB design, layout with CAD tools (Altium and/or Orcad). Need to know how to use probe stations to perform semiconductor testing and device characterization, microwave circuits, and antenna measurement. Experience in making microwave measurements including calibration, de-embedding, input and output matching of active devices, and non-linearity characterization. Familiarity with active circuits and biasing, passive EM structure (including combiners, hybrid, via transition, flip chip transition, transition lines, cross coupling, and substrate material). Proficient in Matlab coding and test script development for ATE.
    Job Description:
    Perform microwave PCB design and layout with EM simulation. Perform lab characterization and performance verification of microwave/mmWave passive and active circuits, antenna, and PCB. Develop ATE for auomating the test procedure. Perform phased-array antenna calibration in the chamber using ATE. Develop production test systems and scrips for array calibration. Work with vendors on prototype and production specifications and scheduling, tolerance, and production yield analysis.
  • Firmware/Systems Engineer
    Master's degree with at least 5 years of relevant work experience with emphasis on communication systems and/or computer engineering. Programming ability dictates employment prospects and can be obtained through education, training, and internship experiences
    Skill Sets:
    Wireless communication systems and embedded programming skills and experience are necessary. Familiarity with uC programming, peripheral drivers and interface, and operation of serial busses. Disciplined in structured programming - full testing, debugging, and documentation. Experienced in lab testing with scopes, logic analyzers, and familiar triggering techniques. Experience with TI Tiva microcontroller is a plus
    Job Description:
    Responsible for the development and implementation of microcontroller firmware for wireless communications in specific applications and systems. Participates in overall system integration, while planning, improving, and managing software application from inception to use. Include allocating resources to complete programming projects, and design detailed test and debug plans to ensurefirmware is functioning properly. Prepares and creates instructional technical manuscripts for firmware operation.Participates and integration and field testing of the system.


150 South Los Robles Avenue, Suite 830

Pasadena, CA 91101, USA

626 4602080

Email: inquiry@tubistech.com